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“The price was reasonable and the service and attention to detail before and during the installation was outstanding.”

Best Sod Installers in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX 

Dear Home Owners, are you searching the Internet for “sod near me”?

For almost two decades our team have completed hundreds of sod grass installation projects and delivered thousands of pallets of grass throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, especially in Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville, TX.

If you’re a residential home owner, landscape architect, home owner’s association or general contractor looking for a local sod supplier, our team are ready to go to work!

Our customers love us and we’ve got positive reviews coming in day in and day out for laying sod for our clients. But enough about us, let’s talk about you.
You have a lawn that needs new grass to be installed. Am I Right?

Maybe your grass isn’t growing under those shady trees. Maybe you’ve been Googling “what is sod”, “where to buy sod” or “how to install sod” and its completely overwhelming because it isn’t as straight forward as you thought. Maybe you’re just needing an expert to get it done once and for all.

Need Help Installing Turfgrass?

Whatever may be the issue, you need a lawn installation company that won’t:

  • Talk a whole lot of jargon that goes over your head.
  • Charge you an arm or a leg (or right foot for that matter).
  • Perform a disappearing act half way through doing the job.
  • Be difficult to get in touch with (although sometimes we’ll just need to give you a call back if we’re busy).
  • Leave your yard looking like a frat party happened the night before.

You just want to love your lawn and be proud of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

And we get it, we’re perfectionists too!  Your grass makes a huge impression when it looks good and even your neighbors come over to tell you. Heck, they may even pluck up enough courage and ask you if you did it yourself.

(Hey, we’re always happy to get a referral but we wouldn’t be offended if you said “Yes” to them.)

Am I getting this right so far?

If so, and only if you want the best grass experts in the Dallas Fort Worth area, who are easy to work with and enjoy installing sod that will give your yard a facelift…

Grab your phone and give us a call (972) 885-3899.

This is what you can expect:

• We’ll come out (if necessary), do a walk around and give you an estimate for the project.

• Super sod grass prices for all grass types – Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, St Augustine grass… (we’ll give you our recommendation).

• We can bring samples with to show you what the finished product will look like.

We are extremely excited to show you just why we’re the Number 1 Sod Installation company in Lewisville, TX.

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Grass is a perishable item therefore there are no refunds or returns once grass has been received and accepted. Please call us immediately for any quality issues.

Watering is crucial. We are NOT responsible for the grass if you do not water it correctly.

Sod is not covered under warranty. Proper care and maintenance is needed or the new sod can die.

Types of Grass

With nearly two decades of experience laying sod in north Dallas, SodScapes Texas are the first choice for many home owners and businesses in the greater DFW area. We simply know what works when it comes to grass types. Here are some of the characteristics of the types of grass we sell and install… namely St Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia sod grass.

Bermuda Grass
  • Soft texture
  • Handles dry and cold weather
  • Requires less water
  • Great for home and sports fields
  • Least shade tolerant
St Augustine Grass
  • Lower maintenance
  • Handles well in cold weather
  • Great Emerald-Green color
  • Popular landscaping grass
  • Shade tolerant
Zoysia Grass
  • Soft, fine to medium blade
  • Drought tolerant
  • Darker green color
  • Excellent choice for home lawns
  • Most shade tolerant

Palisades Zoysia Grass – Our #1 Installation Sod Grass

Palisades Zoysia sod is a great option for many homeowners. It’s easy to maintain and has a dark green color that can’t be matched by any other type of lawn. Palisades Zoysia grass has some great characteristics, which we believe make it our #1 selling variety of sod grass in North Texas.

It’s a vegetative-produced, medium-sized blade grass that is great for shade tolerance and has a lower requirement for water than some other types of grass. This offers homeowners the best qualities for all seasons without worrying about shade or watering issues at different times of the year.

St Augustine Grass – Popular with Home Owners

St. Augustine grass is a type of sod grass that does best in warm climates and it’s great for the home landscape. This type of grass grows well which makes it popular with homeowners. It will grow with a bit of care and watering well during those hot summer days.

St. Augustine is perfect for those people who don’t enjoy spending time outdoors gardening all day long! St. Augustine sod requires mowing once or twice a month, and it stays green all year long with the proper St. Augustine fertilizer, which is available for purchase at most local stores near you! St. Augustine grass has strong roots and is known for spreading across the lawn.

Bermuda Grass – Turfgrass For High Traffic Areas

Bermuda grass is a type of grass that can be installed in your lawn or sports field with full sun. Bermuda sod provides many benefits to homeowners, including the fact that it requires very little maintenance and grows well in hot temperatures.

The grass is also very drought-tolerant, provided it receives regular deep watering. Bermuda grows best in full sun but tolerates light shade and can handle a variety of soil types from clay to sand as long as the drainage is good. It does not do well on poorly drained soils that stay wet for extended periods or highly shaded areas.

Sod Installation Process

  1. Prepare the area by removing existing material.
  2. Till and cultivate the soil.
  3. Grade the area for proper drainage.
  4. Smooth the surface for evenness.
  5. Install sod, water it, roll it, and complete clean-up and debris removal.

We do not offer warranties on sod, nor do we provide guarantees, returns, or refunds. All sales are considered final. Please note that sod grass and plants are all perishable items. We will offer guidance on their care and watering requirements, but the responsibility for their survival lies with you.


As a Dallas sod company we install sod grass fresh from the farm. We get asked a lot about the process of how we do things, so this might explain things for you.

First we strip out the existing grass and any debris that will get in the way of successfully laying sod. Next we will till the area and use a topsoil to feed nutrients into the new sod grass.

It’s then time to lay the new sod straight from the farm and putting it together in the most effective way that it will being to get established the fastest.

Once the new turf is on the ground, we roll it and get water on it to start to settle it.

From there its ready for you to water and maintain. We will ask you to follow some simple watering recommendations.

You can take look over on our Instagram profile at some of our more recent sod installation projects in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.



Tim F
Tim F
We hired SodScapes Texas to replace what was left of our 22 year old St Augustine lawn. What impressed me the most was how efficient and creative they were when replacing our lawn. The night prior to replacement, a truck arrived and dropped off our new grass. The following day, a crew of 8 arrived and 2 hours later, we had a brand new lawn. They even checked all our sprinklers to ensure they were all working correctly. Our lawn looks amazing, and the crew was fast friendly and professional. The best part was it was very affordable. If you need your lawn replaced, SodScapes Texas is who I highly recommend.
Dave Adams
Dave Adams
Thomas and crew did an excellent job. Affordable, timely with fantastic customer care.
Have know James for years and finally needed some new sod. His team did a great job!
James Lisi
James Lisi
5 stars is not enough for Anthony and his crew. The fanatical attention to detail, his patience as I asked for areas to be corrected here and there was absolutely amazing. My wife and I could not be happier with the amazing job that he and his crew did. Definitely a 10 star job! Thank you Anthony for an amazing job done.
Valerie Hayes
Valerie Hayes
I can't recommend SodScapes enough. We have used SodScapes to do entire front yard installs for our current home and our previous home. In both situations, they were extremely efficient, professional and considerate. They pay close attention to each and every detail, which makes such a difference in the finished product. They go above and beyond to complete the project from start to finish - and in our most recent installation, the project lead found a broken sprinkler head. He let us know we would need to replace it, and instead of leaving it for us to fix, he went and got a new sprinkler head for us at Home Depot and installed it himself. That kind of customer service is hard to find these days. We are so grateful for James and his team and can't recommend them enough!
Shelby Byrd
Shelby Byrd
James, Thomas and the rest of the crew were great! they had my old lawn which was dead completely removed down to the dirt, tilled, added new soil and compost, as well as installed my new beautiful zoysia sod in about three hours. They were so clean and organized that the only evidence they were here is the new sod! Can not recommend them enough!
Caleb Jacobs
Caleb Jacobs
These guys did a tremendous job on our home. We have a unique situation that required a lot of detailed work to avoid damaging our septic system and French drains. However, this was zero issue for Thomas and his crew. They took the time to come out and discuss their plan with me ahead of time to make sure I felt comfortable with the equipment they were using. They not only added beautiful, healthy sod, they added healthy topsoil and re graded all of my low spots. We finally have our yard back after a year of it being a mud pit. Thanks guys!

Some of our other services


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WE ARE DFW Sod Grass Experts

If you are dreaming of a lush green landscape for your home, there is no need to keep dreaming because you can now have your ideal green space in less than a day. With our premium Dallas sod grass we have the perfect solution for putting in your new lawn. Gone are the days of painfully weeding and trimming your grass for weeks and weeks before you can fully enjoy the view. Now you will be the envy of your neighbors! Just give us a call and we will come out and give you an honest estimate.

No more paying Home Depot sod prices! If you are looking for a reputable Dallas sod company to install pallets of sod for you, call SodScapes Texas to schedule a free estimate. We will let you know the cost of sod to install it for you because it can be time consuming to install all those squares of grass on your front or back yard. 

Pallet of Sod Grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answers to some of the common questions we get about sod grass and installation. Feel free to give us a call any time to find out more information on what type of turf grass is right for your location – (972) 885-3899.

Is there a warranty with sod?

All sales are considered final. We do not offer warranties on sod, nor do we provide guarantees, returns, or refunds. Please note that sod grass and plants are all perishable items. We will offer guidance on the care and watering requirements, but please remember the responsibility for your sod grass lies with you.

What landscaping services do you offer?

There are many factors and features that go into landscaping, from rocks installation, flower bed stone walls, tree trimming, drainage, and much more. Our focus at Sodscapes is on laying fresh new sod grass straight from the sod farm to you.

Sod. What is sod?

Sod definition: Sod is simply grass cut with the bottom soil attached, making a new lawn as simple as removing any grass you would like to replace and then installing your new grass in place of the old grass.

How much does sod cost?

How much is sod? Well if you searching online for “sod for sale near me” then you probably know what the cost of sod is from other sod companies. Our sod for sale is always fresh from the farm at wholesale prices. The cost of sod pallets are $160 – $350 but always best to give us a call to get a more accurate estimate.

What cities do you service?

We generally work in Denton County, especially around Lewisville, TX, including:
Flower Mound, Lantana, Highland Village, Highland Shores, Denton, Bridlewood, Double Oak, Little Elm, Lake Dallas, Bartonville, Argyle.

How much does sod installation cost?

The cost of installing sod depends entirely on the size of the land that you want your grass to be installed. We have a two pallet minimum on all sod installation projects. Give us a call and we’ll come out and give you an estimate.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Grass is a perishable item therefore there are no refunds or returns once grass has been received and accepted. Please call us immediately for any quality issues.

Watering is crucial. We are NOT responsible for the grass if you do not water it correctly.